Wenatchee Area Healthy Foods Coach

The Simply Deliberate Philosophy

The Simply Deliberate mindset is all about stepping out of the modern day fast lane, slowing down, and making time for what's important. Simplifying our lives and making deliberate choices involving food, time, stress, and our physical environment. 

* Make healthier food choices * Declutter your environment * Grocery shop with knowledge *

Cooking Classes

Jen teaches hands on nutrition lessons to kids or adults who want to find more ways to incorporate simple, wholesome ingredients into their diet. The focus is on finding what works for your family using local, organic ingredients whenever possible.

Wellness Coaching

Need to declutter your kitchen, home, or schedule? Want a grocery shopping guide? Want to take a food lable tour to learn what's great for your body and what to stay away from? Meet Coach Jen. Consultations are free and coaching is at an affordable hourly rate. Get all the encouragement and tips and tricks you need. 

Be happy and healthy!

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